We’re all presented with choices, some easier than others. My whole life I have dreaded choices. Should I choose the pink color or the purple color? Any options I was given I would cringe over. How could I make the right decision? How would I know for sure what I went with was the best? For me, any choice was a bad one, because it meant I had to let go of the other option. Fast forward 20 years or so and I still am as indecisive as the day I was given a choice. Everyone always says that you’re lucky when you’re given options, the alternative, not being able to choose, is not a life you would want. And although I can see that this is probably true, for someone who never seems to feel comfortable in the driver’s seat, it’s just plain scary. Today I’ve been presented with two huge opportunities, a choice I have to make that will affect my family and me. Both have pros and cons, one on paper, seems to be the right choice, but why am I so unsure? Why does my stomach cramp at the thought of making this choice? Is it fear of the unknown? The “what ifs”? I know I am so lucky to be presented with this choice, but tell me, how do I choose?

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