You Do All the Talking


I think I’ve always been aware on some level that I talk a lot, but recently I’ve been hyper-aware of it. I speak a lot of course, in the literal sense, but I don’t stop there. I’m also the person to send very long texts and drag conversations on. But that doesn’t draw the line, no no. You’ll also see my icon popping up frequently in your GroupMe window. I’ve always got something to say and somehow this false sense that people actually want to hear it.

9 times out of 10, I’m talking about myself. This isn’t entirely bad, I know. People need to vent and have their thoughts aired, but there is a point in time when you need to let other people speak. Sometimes I’m good about this, sometimes I’m not. If I notice I’m dominating the conversation, I’ll slow down and turn the topic to the other people. But alas, if I fail to notice, then I’m going to keep talking about me until you walk away.

I’m not sure how to move past this. My personality is to share with people what I think is worth knowing, I learn a lot and I think people want to know where the best place to get a taco is or how to save money on gas. I’m like a human billboard for things that I either love or despise. I want the conversations I have with people to be equally beneficial to both participants. I don’t want someone to talk to me and feel like they need to take a nap afterwards.

And I don’t want people I’m close to to say that it’s ok because their lives are uninteresting or they like hearing me talk. My life isn’t that interesting, people. I just share with you details about myself. I want to hear what brought you down or what lifted you up. I love sharing but I also want to be shared with. Don’t be selfish by only talking about yourself, like me, but don’t be selfish by hoarding your life away from others. Give give give away. The experiences you have might help someone else.

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