A Love Letter to Friendship

This month is the beginning of my summer really, I’m done with my finals (I don’t know how I did on all of them yet) but that’s not what I wanna talk about.

This month I want to talk about something close to my heart which is my friends. This year I’ve realized that I’ve made some great friends that I love dearly, even when they are doing way too much (those are my favorites). I also have friends that I’ve known since my early high school days and even though I don’t get to see them often, I still think about them and miss them dearly. All of my friends in one way or another have shaped or changed my opinion on one thing or another, and I probably wouldn’t be the strange configuration of a person that I am today without them.

My college friends and I have had some great times filled with late nights, too many tests, and lots of meals shared between us while still doing our own things. My friends from home, though distant, are always a text, call or snap away. If we’re lucky, everyone’s home at the same time.

This month one of my close friends who I have known since high school is graduating college and I’m super proud of her for making it to that point in her journey. While another is graduating high school and about to start college. It makes me think that even though our own journeys take up all of our focus, it’s nice for me to take a minute and realize the people that I love have so much going on within their lives. I get to watch them succeed in their endeavors and be the cheerleader while simultaneously having to be the voice of reason for a couple of them.

So this is a love letter to my friends new, old, future and even the ones who no longer hold that title. They have all had a hand in making me who I am and making my life, for a lack of a better description, interesting. This is to hopefully many, many more years of friendship with crazy stories I can’t tell my mom and late nights filled with inside jokes that make me smile.

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