Let’s Be Tinder About It

I will admit, I use Tinder. At first I hopped on it as a joke because my two friends were just insistent that I test it out. So they were there when I chose the pictures and what I wrote on the description. All three of us would decide to swipe left or right. It was really fun. I ended staying up 3 extra hours just talking to guys.

After I had 15 guys messaging me all at once over the course of 3 months it slowly simmered down to maybe talking to 3 guys, 2 guys, 1 guys and then no guys.

I ended up deleting Tinder for a few months because it got boring. No one was talking to me, none of the guys wanted to meet up, and I wasn’t interested in talking to anymore guys. As of now, I decided to download it again and see what I can get out of it.

Yes, Tinder is known for just finding a quick hookup but there are some people who believe getting real relationships out of it.

What do I want out of it?

Well honestly, whatever comes out of it I’ll accept. I’m not super pretty or super skinny. I would consider myself a plus size girl and I am not ashamed. I believe that I am pretty with makeup and I do have a “full body” picture of myself on Tinder so I am not tricking any guys, granted it’s the second picture and it’s not my fault if the guy doesn’t look at it.

Guys probably do talk to me because they think I’m skinny but honestly I look at my pictures constantly and think to myself that nothing here says I’m super skinny so if a guy feels tricked then that is their fault not mine.

I believe that I am pretty and I don’t need a guy to tell me that. Yes, I do enjoy the compliments and never do I say “No, I’m not” because I know that I am. Sometimes I am confident and sometimes that I am but I always try to portray that I am. I am not gonna have a guy over power me.

Tinder is quite interesting, guys like to play games with girls. I am not much for playing stupid games. Want to hookup? Great, tell me. Don’t run me around in circles saying you want to Netflix and chill but you also move slow. Don’t like thick girls? Alright, I’ll find some who does because I don’t like your attitude. Don’t like makeup? Well you can fuck off because I do and I put on makeup for myself not for you. Just want to be friends? Alright tell me don’t be a jerk about it.

I know being straightforward isn’t easy but you don’t have play games or be mean. Tinder is what you make of it. Let’s just have a great conversation and everything will be alright.

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