Work In Progress

I honestly have no idea what to even write this month, I’ve not felt well for a couple of days which means that I’ve not been entirely focused on writing. My month as a whole though has been composed of sleeping a lot and attempting to enjoy my summer because it’s such a stark difference between what my life is like when I’m at college. I’m so busy sometimes I forget to call home and I sleep maybe four hours a night and eat like a human trash can when things are bad. Whereas when I’m at home, I actually sleep and eat slightly better because who has time for late night food runs when there is delicious home cooked food.

I’m spending my free time doing things I enjoy and don’t really get to do when I’m at college. I’m writing for fun more because other than writing for the blog, all I write are essays so I’m working on that. I have even cooked a little bit since being back (nothing fancy really) which I really did miss because cafeteria food has never been that incredible. I want to eventually do a little painting while I’m back but I’ve yet to break out my paints. I’ve decided to work on myself a little this summer by making some better choices I’m attempting to drink more water and limiting my sugar intake because over the years mine has been ridiculous. I’m even trying to follow my hair routine without trying to weasel my way out of it which is something I excel at. I’m also doing a lot of babysitting for my baby cousins who I adore, so that’s a perk of being home.

So I’m using my summer to be a less stressed version of myself and to put time into myself and the things that I love to do, while also spending time with my loved ones. It’s nice to get almost three months to step back and take a break. I think everyone needs to occasionally take stock of themselves and work on things or at least give a little love to an old hobby or a favorite pastime, even within the confines of a busy life. Which is what I hope everyone decides to do with this somewhat beautiful weather (Texas can’t make up it’s mind) and enjoy themselves one way or another because often when things get busy you forget about doing things for yourself.


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