Being Alone Is as Exciting as You Make It

The idea of being alone is weird. Sometimes individuals prefer the loneliness and others are afraid of the loneliness. There are days where I don’t want any attention and I just want every single human to leave me alone. Then there are days where I feel lonely and depressed because I didn’t get my daily human interaction. Up until college, I always did something with my friends. We went to the movies, concerts, the mall, Starbucks, etc.
College was my first “alone” experience. None of my friends went to the same university as I did. I had to make all new friends and gain all new experiences. My freshmen year, I went to a poetry workshop alone and I felt extremely anxious. No one I knew was going. I had fun in the end but the whole time I didn’t have any friends or make any friends which made the experience less enjoyable. I also went to plays on campus alone that were required for a class. Those plays were amazing.
My sophomore year, I went to a concert at the House of Blues, alone, and I took the light rail from the university to get there, alone. I bumped into a friend but they had their own group and I didn’t want to intrude. I could have made friends if I really wanted to.
Last time I went to a free concert with a friend she complained the whole time and it made my experience terrible. This time around, I was thankful for the alone time I had because I was able to enjoy my favorite music. Recently, I went to a Studio Ghibli art show alone. It was exciting, I bought a few pieces and there was no one there to tell me no. There was no one to give me their opinion of the art because to me all the art was beautiful and I didn’t want anyone else’s opinion on what they thought. My opinion was the only one that mattered.
I am a very independent person and I don’t like having to wait on anyone when I want to enjoy something. I enjoy what I want to do, when I want to do them. That’s the great thing about doing things alone because there is no judgement other then your own. Imagine, in bed at night, there’s no one to take blankets from you or push you to the edge of the bed. I enjoy sleeping in the middle of the bed or taking up the most blankets. No one can stop me.
For a few seconds I wish there was someone to enjoy those events with me because I do have social anxiety. However, having “alone time” has helped me get over that and made me realize, I don’t need to have someone every time I want to do something. If there’s a movie I want to see and no one else does, then I’ll gladly go by myself. If I want to enjoy some tea at the park alone, I will, thank you.
Please be safe. Doing things alone can be dangerous especially at night. When I went to the House of Blues alone, it was daylight at the start but on the way back it was close to midnight. I desperately wished someone was with me. So if you do plan on doing adventures alone, let someone know your whereabouts  and call someone on the phone if you feel uncomfortable walking alone at night.
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3 comments on “Being Alone Is as Exciting as You Make It

  1. Great post! One of the things I sometimes do alone is to go to the cinema and watch a film. I’ve never understood the supposed social aspect of this activity anyway. You’re literally sitting down watching the screen for a couple of hours. No talking is (or should) be involved.

    The only benefit I can think of is having someone to discuss it with afterwards. But then, there is the internet for that.

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