For the Love of Tattooing: Nicolee


Everyone has their demons. Self-harm was one of mine. For seven years, I used to create scars on my body, so that I wouldn’t feel quite as numb. Things got bad after an argument with a family member when I slashed my wrist so badly that I was hospitalized for a week. After that week in the hospital, I never put a razor to my skin again. I got this tattoo two months after I left the hospital to show people, and myself as well, that I am healing constantly from this demon and that I can be, and am, free from self-harm. Even though I have been clean for five years from self-harm, I still struggle with thoughts that will bring me back to that dark time and those dark actions. But, I have been strong and have not caved in because I don’t need to deal with that anymore. I am strong. I don’t need to hurt myself to feel alive anymore.

For the Love of Tattooing is a project in collaboration with Serpents of Bienville and submissions are still open. Contact


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