Things Take Time

   I’m getting ready to go back to school so life is sorta hectic right now. I’ve spent my summer working on learning how to drive and soon I will have taken my driving test and found out if I passed (fingers crossed). It’s all exciting and a little terrifying because it’s a big step and a big change to take in. It’s taken me four years to arrive at this point and now it feels even more important that I do well. This holds true for many things, we build ideas up until they’re so big we can’t see past them. Which is probably took me so long to stop psyching myself out about the driver’s test. Even though it has taken me longer than some of my friends, I’m still putting my best foot forward, which is kind of what life is all about.

 Many people do things at different times than others because of various reasons but you shouldn’t feel bad about that if that is finishing school, getting a license or any other thing that the world considers “adult”. You’re no less of one because you had to take the long way around to get to the same place, all that matters is that you put your best foot forward and try your best. It’s not your fault society makes it seem necessary that you reach certain goals at certain point in life.

           Speaking of certain points in life, I’m starting my third year of college soon which seems impossible it amazes me that time has passed so quickly because it doesn’t feel like I’ve been out of high school that long. I guess what I’m saying is that time will pass, things will change but it will happen at its own pace and in its own way so you have to just focus on your own journey.

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