It’s the Climb


I’ve loved to travel for as long as I can remember. I’ve usually even loved the “climb” as Miley Cyrus would say. Getting somewhere is half the excitement if you’re taking a long journey. Though, I wasn’t completely excited for the 24-hour journey I had laid out before me to get from my home in the States to my new home in England.

I started writing this blog, thinking I could tell you guys all the details about my trip. All the people I met, all of their stories, the troubles and the triumphs. And as I started detailing out that day, I had gotten to 500 words and I was nowhere near done. So, I started to think about what was important to me in those words and this is what I found.

We’re all just people. I met dozens of people who I’ll more than likely never see again but I’ve never felt so accepted in my life. I met people wealthier than I and people who were probably scrapping at their last remains in order to get home. I met people who were happy and people who were angry. People discontented and people searching for purpose.

Though we’re all just people, language is very important. I felt lost in a place that didn’t put my language as the top priority. Wishing I’d studied Turkish in HS (ha, as if they offered that.) I felt lost when I wanted a friend and couldn’t hear English anywhere. I felt lost when I couldn’t communicate with the child in front of me who was desperately trying to tell me something. I can only imagine this is how some people feel every minute of every day.

I felt many new emotions. “Is this water safe? Will they take my money here? Will I be able to eat another meal if they won’t?” Then, once I got to my home country. I was carrying 100lbs of luggage around an airport at midnight. “I hope I don’t look as vulnerable as I feel in this moment.”

I think I felt every emotion in that long day. All the way on the scale from grief and terror to joy and satisfaction. I trusted that God would get me through that day by a combination of Divine grace and overall travel experience. What I didn’t expect was that He’d use every person and interaction so entirely.

I’m unworthy of this incredible life I’m living and yet, here I am.


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