For the Love of Tattooing: Ashley

Clover– In 2011 my brother-in-law, Kris, passed away from complications of Crohn’s Disease. My husband’s family is Irish and Kris had a clover tattooed on his right arm. My husband, Kolton, our friend PJ and I all went together to get them in memory of him the day after his funeral.

Dream catcher– My dream catcher symbolizes multiple aspects of my family. The dream catcher itself represent my dad. He came into my life when I was eleven and although not my biological dad, he has been the most amazing father I could have ever asked for. The very first gift he ever gave me was a dream catcher. The mandala represents my mom. My mom has always been my rock and the spiritual meaning behind mandalas was a perfect visual representation of what she meant to me. The sun, moon, and star represent my children, bringing light into my life no matter what darkness I may be facing. The peacock feathers represent me as a symbolization of rebirth.

Celtic Trinity– This tattoo represents friendship. The Celtic trinity represents an eternal bond that has no beginning or end, a bond that is forever intertwined. The red roses represent a love that can withstand anything even death, coming from the mythological story of Aphrodite and the birth of the red rose. Tiger lilies are my favorite flower and I added them for their brightness and beauty. Finally, Anam Cara is the Celtic belief about souls and sums up the meaning behind the tattoo as a whole.

Always– The smallest and most simple tattoo I have yet with one word and it may hold the most meaning. I have a huge love for all things Harry Potter. At seven years old I fell in love. My mom and I would take turns reading chapters to each other every other night during one of the hardest times in our life. Each year when a new book was released we continued that. Each movie I waited in line opening night. As an adult it’s become my escape. I can put on one of the movies or start to read and instantly I’m transported away from reality for a bit. These stories, these places, these characters, they’ve helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. That one word has brought happiness into my life during some of my darkest times.

For the Love of Tattooing is a project in collaboration with Serpents of Bienville and submissions are still open. Contact

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