To Anyone Who Feels Like Giving Up

I constantly think about two questions when things get hard. “How have you not given up already?” and “How can you stay strong when things get rough?”. I ask myself these things because I’m not one hundred percent sure how I’ve managed to make it through. When I do think about these questions, I just remember the toughest time in my life: high school.

Everyone says that high school is the best time of your life. You will make friends that will last a lifetime, look back on those times and be happy about it. I laugh every time I hear that. High school was the worst experience of my life because everything hit the ceiling for me during those four years. I was bullied and excluded by the cliquey people who thought they were better than everyone my freshman year. My mom cheated on my dad for most of the time I was in high school and eventually left, taking everything from money to my sanity with her. I started self-harming again, after not doing so for about a year or two. My grades slipped, and because of that, my teachers gave up on me. I honestly did not think I would live to see my eighteenth birthday because my mental health declined so badly and so quickly that by junior year, I was in the hospital for a suicide attempt.

However, I look back at that, and I see how I’ve made it. I look at myself now, twenty-two, about to graduate college, doing something that I’m extremely passionate about, and I do smile. I smile because I made it through hell and back. I smile because I know I have the strength in me to surpass any obstacle that I have, whether it be losing sleep to make sure my homework is done or problems at work. I look at myself and find the strength that I built in high school to get through any issues that are in my way.

That’s where you come in. Yes, you, the person who is reading this. I’m sure you have probably felt the way I have before: defeated, stressed, wanting to give up. I’m here to tell you that you can get through this. Every issue and problem that you face in life helps build a strength in you that keeps you here on this earth, fighting whatever battle that you’re fighting. That strength is what helps you when you feel like giving up, and yes, it might seem that some days, you feel weak and there is no fight left in you. There is. You just have to look at yourself, dig deep within you, and pull out that strength that I know that you have in you.

I don’t know you or maybe I do. I don’t know who all the readers are that frequent this blog. But, I believe that you have the strength to get through this. Just think about the worst time in your life. Think about how you survived that. Think about the strength that you built within you during that time and use it to help you get through your battles. You are here for a reason. You have not given up and have made it so far in life. Life gets tough. I know. Trust me, I know. But, you are strong. You are courageous, and you can surpass your goals. You just have to remember the strength within you can help you get to wherever you want to get in life because you do have it in you. You might just have to dig deep within you to find it.

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