Black Lives Matter 

I created Open Our Eyes in May of 2008 because I didn’t feel represented in any mental health community. There was never anyone that looked like me. I was fighting a losing war in my head and to make it worse, I was fighting it alone. 

I never want anyone else to ever feel that. Ever. 

Open Our Eyes exists for marginalized people. I repeat, we exist for marginalized people. We’re here for you. We’re fighting for you. We love you. I am you. 

So let me be clear once and for all on where we stand.. We are in full solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Full. Solidarity. We will always very loudly and proudly fight for this community because silence is deadly. 

We’re constantly learning, constantly growing, and therefore constantly making mistakes. If you see us not living up to our mission, call us out on it. Publicly, privately, it doesn’t matter. Keep us authentic. We’re always striving to be better so we welcome any constructive feedback. Emphasis on constructive. 

If you’d like to join us in any capacity volunteering your time and talents, my inbox is always open: 


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