Processing with Words

Children that dream, the ones who refuse to accept the world as it presently exists, but imagine with hope beyond measure, the ones that have visions of immense beauty and see people with hearts so incredibly bursting with light, minds so erupting with such magnificent ideas of how to bring those positive realms to the surface. We are those children, and those dreams are pressing through every corner of our minds, rushing through every tiny vein, screaming to be unleashed, to be able to join together for a better future, to envelop every person, to celebrate every life, to bring each of us together just as we are, just as we could be.

Because I’ll tell you a secret, there are worlds so very near this one, just outside of our sight. There are realities above ours, and there are natures at work beyond our comprehension. Universes we cannot see and forces we only begin to feebly define. Those are the lands I dream of. Those are the discoveries we could be making together, if only we could agree that we are all deserving of such knowledge. We must work harder than we ever had thought possible to ensure that each person feel safe and accepted in their own land, in their own home, in their own skin. If we can’t even do that, we will never be worthy of the incredible sights, the knowledge unknown, we will never gain beyond our own dank reality.

Everything that exists in the present, as we know it, as we have seen and learned, has already been dreamed, and I want to immerse myself in the beauty that is yet to come. So stand up, and speak out. Celebrate the good bits and stamp out the darkness, and don’t stop. You will grow tired, I promise you that. The darkness will be so overwhelming sometimes that you’ll fear it may take you with it. Prepare. Carry your matches and hold them close. And please, I beg, never fear that you are on this path alone, for though others’ flames may be too far off in the distance to see, trust that it is bright, we are here against the shadows, my candle is lit, and it’s never burning out. Because I will always believe that we, each and every one of us, is deserving of living our dreams.

Amanda Herman


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