Allergy Season

I recently got hit like a rock with the case of my allergies flaring up. I wake up Friday morning, throat is sore, my nose feels that it’s be snorting water, and I have a small pressured headache. I knew that it was only going to get worse from there. As the day goes on, I feel that my focus has been lacking, I become increasingly thirsty, and my headache is getting worse. I come back to my room after a semi long day and I take a nap. I wake up from my nap with a fever, dry mouth, cannot breathe, my whole face is sore due to my pressured headache, and the room is spinning.

The next day wasn’t too bad, but I had to meet up for a group project, I was completely out of it because my medicine was wearing off and everything felt like it was spinning and I could not breathe again. My eyes were constantly watering, so every person thought I was crying but really I just needed to sneeze. My nose was running and dripping so my sleeve became dried with my snot. When my nose finally did let me sneeze, my god it felt like I was orgrasming because of all the built of pressure in my t-zone was being relieved and I was able to breathe again for a split second before my sinuses were swelling up again.

Allergies really suck. Even with all the medicine I take to help me breathe just a little bit, I hate every second of it because it still takes at least a week for me to recover.

So to all my allergy prone friends, may the pollen not be to harsh on your sinus and that you can breathe with the coming months. I for sure will definitely be drinking lots of hot tea, sniffing, and doped up on allergy medicine.

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