Work Has to Be Done

       I’m a black woman from Texas (which is smack dab in conservative republican territory), so to say I’m surprised the election turned out the way it did would be a lie. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement of epic proportions. I’m not disappointed because the candidate I wanted to win lost, I’m disappointed because hate, racism and homophobia were the means this election was won by.

As I’ve said, living in Texas, I’m unsurprised that racist rhetoric, bullying, homophobia and sexism appealed to people in mass quantities. I’m disappointed that was effective because all these years I thought a good percentage of America thought our country, though flawed, had learned from the past and was moving toward a brighter, more inclusive future. However, we were just shown that people were chomping at the bit to reverse the good work that had been done.

Now I still believe that a brighter future is possible, but now I think that it’s going take so much more work and a lot of hard days before we ever get there. We’re going to have to talk about racism, sexism and homophobia because not talking about it is what brought us to this sad point. Good people cannot just sit back and do nothing, we must continue to stand up for what we believe in and not yield to bullying and intimidation, even when things seem bleak.

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