Going Home for the Holidays

I always dread going home for the holidays. Away at school, I have my full independence. I have no one telling me what to do, let alone my parents telling me what to do. It’s my third year in college and the only time I get homesick is when I miss my cat or authentic Mexican food.

I remember my first year away from home, I was a freshman and I desperately wanted to come home because I thought I was homesick. It was around Thanksgiving time and I had some free time before the actual holiday and some afterwards. The moment I wanted to leave the house my dad immediately asked, “Where are you going?” I was honestly shocked because I hadn’t been asked that in months. Living at college, I was able to leave the residence halls whenever I felt like it and nobody cared what I did. I answered him “Out with friends” and he kept questioning me “What friends, how long, when will you be back, be back at this time” blah blah blah. Oh my god, I did not have this at college.

Coming home for the holidays is a real challenge between me and my parents. I understand that I am home for the holidays and my parents want to see me but why can’t my parents understand that I have a sense of independence as well. Being with my parents is okay for a certain amount of time because anymore and it feels as though time moves slowly or just stops completely but in a bad way.

I come home to be away from college, to be away from the stress, to be away from work but I leave home because it just reminds me of why I left in the first place. Being home stresses me out even more. It’s not even being home that makes the stay unpleasant, it’s just my parents. I love being with my cat, my sister, and my brother but my parents just know the right things to get under my skin.

Going home is a struggle, but at least I get to see my cat and my siblings, the things that truly do matter to me. While there are few times I’m stuck in the house, there are many more moments I get to be with what truly matters.

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