Choose Love

As always, it’s taken me some time to think about what I wanted to write about this month. I have such a hard time because I always ask myself, is something too personal? Too political? However, today I want to talk about possibility and how this new year has a lot of it to be either good, bad or ugly. For me 2017 has so far started off without too much fanfare, I got my license and I am getting ready to go back to college. Like everyone else in the world, I always hope that the new year will be good and will allow me to move further into my personal journey. Don’t get me wrong, I hope that this is a good year but I’m also aware that the problems of intolerance, hate and injustice that made up 2016 did not disappear when the ball dropped. This year and the next four years have the potential to be ugly if we allow the sort of hate that happened last year to continue. We must come face to face with ourselves and the people around us and demand better than hateful words and actions.

 To combat these problems everyone will have to work together and learn to be more kind to their fellow man if we’re going to truly have a good year. If we plan to coexist together, love and understanding has to win, not hate, racism and injustice. Personally, I believe that even though people are capable of great hate and atrocity, there are also people in the world capable of great kindness and caring. The only difference between the two is a choice. You choose either love or you choose hate and we must all choose love this year, especially when faced with the magnitude of hate that was exhibited last year. So when you’re making your new year’s resolutions or setting your intentions for the year, choose to be kind and understanding. Choose to spread love for all of mankind instead of spreading hate for groups of people who don’t look like you. I choose love! What do you choose?

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