New Year, More Changes


2017 is the year of change. That’s what I keep hearing everywhere. A lot of things are changing. The president is gonna change, unfortunately. Fashion styles change as the season does. Popular memes end up changing to new ones before the week is done. However, as the world changes, I’ve decided to change with it. I, typically, never get too into New Year’s resolutions. I always write some out. But, I never actually go through with them. Most of the time, I work hard towards the things in my life. However, I’ve always been afraid of change. I’ve gotten too comfortable with myself and my life for way too long. In 2017, I want to push myself to my highest potential. So, this year, I want to go through with my resolutions. To be honest, and a little blunt, I want to make this new year my bitch.

The goals that I’ve set for myself are attainable, but not easy unless I try my hardest. I have the typical goals, like losing weight and being healthy. However, I actually want to go forward with working out to make myself happy with how I look. This past year, I was at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been because I had so much going on that I let go of myself. This year, I want to see a physical change in my body, not just focusing on a change from a digital display on a scale. I want to become more active for myself, not for the world around me. My goals this year are for me, and me alone.

I want to work on becoming more positive and not allowing my mental illnesses to control me. This is probably going to be my hardest one, since it’s not easy whatsoever to control my moods when they begin to swing. However, I’m gonna do my best to focus on the positive side of things, not allow my anxiety to mess up my opportunities within my life, like at school or work, and I want to become a stronger person mentally. That means not allowing myself to get upset over the smallest things or allowing people to take advantage of my generosity and kindness by walking all over me. I will stand up for myself through becoming stronger mentally. I plan on doing this through tracking my moods and looking at the brighter side of life, rather than all the negatives. I want to have more moments of happiness in my life. While I’m not saying that I haven’t had moments of happiness. But, I want to have a more near-perpetual feeling of happiness rather than consistently feeling sad.

Then, I have the small goals that I want to work on this year. Do more things that makes me happy. I want to travel more. I have plans to go to California this March for Yellowcard’s final shows ever. However, I want more than just one trip this year. I want to travel to Disney if given the chance. Take small day trips across state lines. Explore both cities in my area, New York City and Philadelphia, for things I’ve never seen before. I want to see the world as much as I can this year. I want to spend more time with the people that I love and that care about me. I want to cut out toxic people in my life that I don’t deserve to waste breath on anymore. I want to read and write more. I want to become free from my burdens. I want to make myself become the person I’ve always want to be. I just have to stay motivated through this all and not give up on myself so easily.

Photo Source: Nicolee Rivera

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