On Being Multifaith

It’s something that I rarely talk about, but
I have always taken God seriously.
My family and immediate faith community are devoutly and openly Christian. I have always felt God’s presence, strived to live life in a way that would please Him, and tried to include Him in even the most mundane, every day details of my life. And, while some people are able to put aside their spirituality every now and again, faith is always on my mind in one way or another.
But not just my faith. I have always had an interest in other spiritual traditions that goes beyond curiosity, and an understanding of other faiths that goes beyond bridge-building. It’s hard finding people who understand, or care, so I usually choose not to open up about the fact that I believe I am a multifaith individual.
I’m not even sure if that’s a thing.
I’ve known about this whole multifaith business for a long time. It’s more than just the respect for or agreement with other religions or religious ideas, but the deep resonance – almost to the point of conviction – I feel with certain other faiths and faith practices. Since I don’t know any others like myself, I am piecing this all together as I go. I am constantly prayerful about it, as I think God is the only one who understands. And I am learning that God cannot be placed in a box. He is free to move and manifest in whatever way He sees fit. Such a simple and seemingly obvious thing to say, but such a hard concept to live out.
It’s important for me to note that I am not a believer in the idea that truth is different for different people. I believe in absolute truth, and because of that, my brand of eclecticism is tiered. I have what I call a “source faith,” and my source faith is Jesus. I believe Jesus more than I believe anything else. Jesus is the sole authoritative figure in my spiritual life, and if I am ever in a place where two faiths disagree, I land wherever Jesus is.
But I have seen how my relationship with God has been expanded by truths that have shown up in the form of “other religions.” I have seen God use the flood of doubt that often comes with spiritual exploration to broaden my perspective and stregthen my resolve to love Him with my whole heart. I am a more emboldened believer in Christ, because I am multifaith.
And I think it’s something I want to start being more open about. So, here’s to the first step.
Photo Source: Elisabeth Renne

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