Let’s start 2017 out well…by forgetting we write for a blog and have done so consistently for over 3 years now…

I’ve lived in England for just over 5 months now and it’s increasingly hard for me to believe. I keep thinking my future adopted children are going to think I’m super cool. Though, whoever thinks their parents are cool? I mean, unless it’s from probably age 0 to age 7, then from age 20 and on most likely.

Living here, I’ve made some realizations. A lot of realizations, actually, but one of them is about travel. I’ve always enjoyed traveling. I want to go everywhere and see everything before I die. Living in England has been a pipe dream of mine for a while. And yet, here I am, settled in and here. The glam and aw are gone. The sights and smells are familiar. This is my home.

So, if I go to Italy or Australia or Japan, it will be much the same. People are just living and working on paying their bills. All the glitz and glam of somewhere new will eventually fade to the mundane and ordinary. You carry your problems and anxieties with you wherever you go. You might think they’ll be overshadowed by the newness of it all, but, that’s only temporary.

I realize this sounds very negative and sad, but, it’s truly not. I think it’s growing up. You recognize that we’re all pretty much just trying to get by, in different ways but still, our aim is the same. Survive.

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