Life Isn’t a Competition

I miss having someone to talk to. I miss the feeling of having an open space to vent. I can’t even say that I’m on 4 hours of sleep without someone else saying that they had less sleep. Why is everyone trying to one up each other? We all get it, the world sucks. Why do you have to prove that your life is 1 teaspoon more miserable? My only way of venting now is writing these blogs once a month. If I try to talk to my friends, they immediately start telling me how much worse they think they have it. It shuts me up because it makes me feel that my problems are insignificant and no one cares about them so I shouldn’t either. I hate that. It makes me feel terrible about myself and it makes me go into a depression. Jeez, why can’t I tell that to my counselor? Even with that, I’ve slowly started telling other people that I’ve been getting help and their immediate answers are “why, you’re life doesn’t seem that bad?” It makes me want to yell at them and say that they don’t even know because they don’t ever listen to me.

A person should never feel that they can’t express themselves and I hate that I let people do that to me. A person should never feel that their problems are insignificant because everyone has problems and we should be willing to listen to everyone and comfort them, not one up them. I completely understand that there is others that do have worse days than me and that’s fine but let me rant and I’ll let you rant.

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